In Washington Marianne Williamson, a self-help author, was an outlier in a field of more than two dozen contenders during her most recent attempt for president.

She is currently attempting to gain credibility.

Ms. Williamson, a longtime spiritual guru of Oprah Winfrey and others, has moved to Washington and attempted, unsuccessfully, to influence the political awareness of the nation’s capital since quitting her 2020 campaign weeks before the first ballots were cast. She formally introduced herself on Saturday as the first Democrat to take against Vice President Biden, who had not yet declared his intention to seek reelection.

Ms. Williamson, 70, did not mention exorcising the “dark psychological energy of collectivized hatred” in American politics or mentioning New Zealand as her top priority in her speech launching her campaign. She spoke more like a liberal in the vein of Bernie Sanders, emphasizing corporate power, economic fairness, and what she called the intentional ignorance of senior government figures toward America’s poverty.

Ms. Williamson remarked, lowering her voice by two octaves, “Some individuals in this community don’t have the spine or the moral courage to correct it. Let me in there, ladies and gentlemen.

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Much has changed since 2019, when her performances in the Democratic primary prompted Republican activists to encourage conservatives to donate to her to maintain their eligibility for the debate to distract from more established Democratic candidates.

Other celebrities from the Oprah world with no political experience ran for office over the past year and have been taken seriously. dr Mehmet Oz, a Republican, lost the Pennsylvania Senate race while Wes Moore, a Democrat, became Maryland governor – and Ms Winfrey spoke at his inauguration in January.Ms. Williamson, who moved to Des Moines to ingratiate herself with Iowans before the state’s first caucuses (which the Democratic National Committee has since abandoned), moved to the nation’s capital shortly after her presidential campaign ended — unorthodox given how much of modern presidential campaigning emphasizes its own independence from Washington. Now she lives in a rented apartment in Foggy Bottom, where she envisioned hosting salons, discussing big ideas and influencing political debates.