Barcelona managed a significant victory, giving them a goal advantage going into the second leg of the Copa Del Rey semifinal at the Santiago Bernabeu. A mix-up that happened in the 25th minute decided the outcome of the game.

Ferran Torres, a young Spanish attacker, was able to sneak the ball into the path of Franck Kessie, whose shot was first saved, but a deflection from Militao changed the trajectory of the ball as it rolled into the goal. This allowed Barcelona to launch a lethal counterattack.

In the first half, the hosts had a good number of chances to draw the game. But instead of maintaining calm, each situation was handled with agitation. In order to get the seasoned Spanish right-back past the whole Barcelona defense, Toni Kroos executed a cross. When the chance presented itself, the 31-year-old defender snapped, and he ended up launching the ball into the stands from a distance of 10 yards.

Another story was presented in the second half. Although the visitors waited for a chance to put the hammer in the coffin, Real Madrid continued to control possession. In the 72nd minute, Ferran Torres completed a cutback pass to Kessie after sprinting to the byline to reward their perseverance. 

Barcelona’s manager Xavi had a mixed reaction to this game’s result. In the post-match conference, he said that: “I am satisfied with the result, but not with our match. We can’t let our rival take the ball away from us. We have an advantage for the second leg, but we still have to compete very well. I think Real Madrid are very strong, and I still see them as the favourites.”