The Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that China welcomes foreign businesses, including those from the United States, to do business there, participate in development benefits, and work together to further the expansion of the global economy.

In response to media reports that many American businesses plan to expand in China and the most recent survey from the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, which reveals that over 90% of respondent companies consider China one of the most important investment destinations, the ministry’s spokesperson Mao Ning made the comments during a routine press briefing.

China, according to Mao, is a promising market for international investment, as evidenced by the facts.

On the one hand, she claimed, it is a result of China’s sizable market and well-developed industrial and supply chain networks, and on the other, she claimed, it is a result of China’s efforts to consistently advance high-level opening-up, support the multilateral trading system, and provide foreign investors with a more market-oriented, law-based, and internationalized business environment.

She mentioned that paid-in foreign direct investment (FDI) in China increased by 14.5 percent year over year in January to reach 127.69 billion yuan, or almost $19 billion. These figures suggest that foreign investment in China this year is off to a promising start.

According to her, American businesses and other foreign investors have been positive about the Chinese market and intend to boost their investments there, and statistics from the U.S. Commerce Department shows that trade in goods between the two countries has increased.

She stressed that all of these point to mutually beneficial and win-win trade and investment cooperation between China and the United States and that decoupling is harmful, unpopular, and impractical.

Mao declared, “We will not change its will to expand broader at a high quality, regardless of how the international situation may evolve. We are adamant about giving the rest of the world access to development opportunities.