The twins were born to actress Hilary Swank and her husband Philip Schneider.

On Sunday, the Alaska Daily star announced the birth on Instagram. She uploaded a picture of herself holding her two children on her chest, dressed in a bathrobe, and facing a sunset.

Swank wished her fans a “Happy Easter” as well.

She ended the emoji-heavy caption by writing, “Posting from pure Heaven.”

Swank’s children’s names are still a secret.

Swank first revealed last year on Good Morning America that she was expecting twins.

“I’m so excited to share it with America and you right now. I’ve wanted this for a very long time, and my next goal is to become a mother,” Swank said in October.

“I’ll have a child. She grinned, “And not just of one, but of two. I find it hard to believe.

In 2018, Swank wed Schneider, who is allegedly a “social venture entrepreneur.” Swank posted a lot of updates about her pregnancy on social media, including a picture of “Baby A flexing for the camera at their ultrasound” taken during an ultrasound.