Five people were killed in a mass shooting at a bank in downtown Louisville. Other patients are still hospitalized, including a police officer who was shot alongside the 25-year-old shooters and is in critical condition.

Police have named the shooter as employee Connor Sturgeon. According to officials, Sturgeon broadcasted live online as he carried out the attack at the Old National Bank. He started shooting at a morning staff meeting, according to Rebecca Buchheit-Sims, a manager at the bank, who spoke to CNN.

Buchheit-Sims, who virtually attended the conference, said the tragedy “happened extremely swiftly” as she watched in terror as the shooting unfolded on her computer screen.

“I’ve witnessed murders. I’m at a loss for words, she admitted. Although it’s unclear if Deana Eckert, 57, was one of the three patients in serious condition early in the day, she was one of the hospital victims who passed away later on Monday, according to police. Police have identified the other four fatalities as Joshua Barrick, 40; Juliana Bauer, 45; Tommy Elliott, 63; and James Tutt, 64.

Sturgeon, whose LinkedIn page indicated that he was being held According to a law enforcement source involved with the inquiry, he was informed that he would be fired from the bank after spending three summers there and working there full-time for nearly two years.

According to the source, the gunman informed his parents and a buddy that he intended to carry out a shooting at his place of employment in a message.