Even Wolverine should use sunscreen.

On Tuesday, actor Hugh Jackman used social media to inform the public of the risks of sun exposure and skin cancer.

In a brief video uploaded to Instagram, Jackman, 54, disclosed he is undergoing skin cancer testing to see if anomalies discovered during a recent physical examination are indications of basal cell carcinoma, a common type of skin cancer.

Jackman, who appeared with a bandage on his nose, said he had two biopsies done this week. He is still awaiting test results from his doctor.

“Just to remind you, basal cell, in the world of skin cancers, is the least dangerous of them all,” Jackman cautioned his followers. “However, if I can just take this opportunity to remind you, summer is coming.”

He urged his followers to “please wear sunscreen.”

“It’s just not worth it, no matter how much you want to tan. Trust me, trust me, trust me,” he said. “Put some sunscreen on. You’ll still have an incredible time out there.”