Rich Eisen asked Jason Kelce why he chose to rejoin the Philadelphia Eagles, and Kelce responded.

Jason Kelce will remain with the Philadelphia Eagles for at least one more season despite having the option to stop playing football this offseason.

In Super Bowl 57, Travis’ team defeated Kelce’s squad. The Kansas City Chiefs raised a championship banner for the second time in four years, while the Philadelphia Eagles had a fantastic season. When Rich Eisen questioned Kelce on Friday whether returning for yet another season despite the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory, Kelce did not dispute that idea but added even more.

“I do think it played a factor. I don’t think it should. I wish it didn’t. But I do think that when you go that far and get that close and it doesn’t happen, I think your emotions and energy get going, and you want to do that. You know it’s close, and you know the team is gonna be good next year as long as everybody stays healthy. We’re returning a lot of pieces on offense. So, yeah, that all plays a factor. If it was a different situation, I don’t know what the answer would be. I still think I would play.”

Here is a clip of Kelce’s conversation with Eisen about the aftermath of Super Bowl 57 and his decision to return to the Eagles for one more season.

Jason Kelce says Super Bowl 57 loss factored in his Philadelphia Eagles return

From Kelce’s conversation with Eisen, one thing stands out in particular: He really loves playing football. Kelce says he has been blessed with pretty good health in his career, which has afforded him to play well into a second decade. No matter what happens going forward, Kelce and his brother will end up enshrined together in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s not if, but rather when.