In a video, the Dalai Lama, the spiritual head of Tibet, is shown kissing an Indian child on the lips before telling him to “suck his tongue,” which has outraged people throughout the world.

The Tibetan spiritual leader can be seen leading a ceremony in the video, where he is surrounded by individuals who are seated next to him. On a few moments, the two even engage in conversation. A woman then motions for the youngster to approach her as he waits at the base of the platform wearing a yellow sweater.

The Dalai Lama extends his right cheek for the child to kiss when he approaches him. A visibly moved child gives him a hug and kiss. The leader then turns around and approaches the youngster face-to-face. He invites the child to kiss him on the mouth by pointing with his fingers to his mouth. He laughs, you can hear it.

The little youngster then obeys the spiritual leader’s command to suck his tongue by moving closer to him and uniting his tongue with that of the elder.