A growing number of people are using technologies like ChatGPT, a popular conversational chatbot from OpenAI, to complete work-related activities. Employees are using ChatGPT to complete their tasks, but management are unaware that the organization is using artificial intelligence in this way.

Over 43% of the 11,793 workers surveyed in recent data from professional networking app Fishbowl claimed they use ChatGPT or other similar AI applications for work-related tasks. When compared to a similar study done in January of this year, this is an almost 50% increase. Only roughly 27% of respondents to the January Fishbowl study were employing generative AI-based technology for work-related tasks.

Only approximately 32% of those who utilized ChatGPT and other comparable technologies for work-related tasks, according to the Fishbowl poll, stated they did so with their boss’s knowledge.

When asked if their manager is aware of their use of AI technologies for work-related tasks, 68% of respondents said they don’t tell their boss about it.

Employees from prestigious organizations, like Amazon, Bank of America, Edelman, Google, IBM, JP Morgan, McKinsey, Meta, Nike, and Twitter, among others, participated in the study, according to Fishbowl.Another conclusion from the poll shows that although workers preferred not to discuss their use of ChatGPT with their bosses, they were content to do so with their coworkers.

While survey respondents did not want to share their ChatGPT usage with their supervisors, they were willing to do so with their colleagues, according to another study. Since January, posts and comments mentioning ChatGPT have increased by 107%, according to Fishbowl.

The use of the chatbot for resumes and cover letters, copywriting, coding, and the creation of sales and marketing emails are among the often discussed topics. According to Fishbowl, who listed some of the hot subjects on ChatGPT in a blog post.