As a true Lancashire baker, Holland’s Pies, soared to the skies and delivered its pies to a small group of lucky pie fans this week, they were all taken aback with a special delivery!

One of the most anticipated weeks of the year, British Pie Week (March 6–12), saw the introduction of the creative “Pie in the Sky” service, which shocked the pie-loving public when their favorite pies took flight.

This cutting-edge delivery method, a first for Holland’s Pies, saw its pies transported 200 feet in the air and speeding across the skies to perform extra-special door stop drops. Drone food delivery is a well-speculated issue, with considerable discussion about how and when it could become a reality.

The prize for the winners was a selection of pies from the company’s recently introduced “Dining In” twin packs, which are available in Steak and Gravy, Chicken and Gravy, Chicken Balti, and Peppered Steak flavors. The delectable variety is ideal for people wishing to replicate the dining out experience at home and bite into a wonderful dinner any night of the week. It is lovingly created with a shortcrust base and puff pastry lid.

Heather White from Blackburn, one of the recipients of the drone deliveries, said: “I thought the drone was fabulous! It was very exciting to see and was absolutely amazing – I was flabbergasted that Holland’s had done it. Mash, peas and gravy is what I’ll be having with my pie tonight!

“When I saw that Holland’s were testing drone deliveries I couldn’t believe it and knew that I just had to get in on one. It definitely turned some heads when it flew down the street, and I’m already looking forward to cooking the pies and enjoying the taste.

”Leanne Holcroft, brand manager for Holland’s Pies, said: “We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to bring pies and smiles to our loyal customers, and our drone deliveries have had just the reaction we were hoping for. Who knows, maybe pies in the sky could be the future of our delivery service in years to come!”