According to Nataliya Gumenyuk, speaker of the Joint Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces, two Russian warships carrying Kalibr cruise missiles have entered the Black Sea, but their stockpiles have been depleted.

She claims that as of Sunday am, Russian warships and submarines equipped with missiles are engaged in active battle. This naval squadron may be able to fire up to eight missiles.

The Ukrainian Military Forces, she noted, had noticed “some enemy inconsistency in the amount of missiles.”

They’re attempting to transport more Kalibrs to Sevastopol, presumably because they don’t have enough of them already, the speaker added.

She claims that although Russia has not entirely ceased producing these weapons, sanctions have had a severe negative impact on this sector.

“The stock may not be renewed as quickly as they would like, according to this. But, based on the specialists’ collective assessments, just 20% of Kalibrs are still available. The stock is at an extremely low level. Yet, we recognize that they can locate some further missiles “Gumenyuk forewarned.

The Ukrainian Navy claims that Russia maintains a fleet of ten ships in the Black Sea.

Russia launched four Kalibr missiles during its most recent missile attack on Ukraine. The air defenses of Ukraine shot down two of them.