After seeing gangs throwing bricks and rocks at motorists from a bridge in Rugby, police increased patrols.

Following many reports, they have opened a thorough investigation, increased patrols, and have a strategy in place for a fast response.

The head of Rugby Police, Detective Chief Inspector James Rankin, said: “These were appalling instances, and I need not stress just how much danger these careless actions put motorists in.

“Incidences like this have claimed the lives of drivers and their passengers elsewhere in the nation, and those accountable have faced lengthy prison terms for manslaughter.”My staff is thoroughly investigating every event. We are collecting witness testimony, CCTV footage, and site inspection data.

“Officers have been on foot patrol in that area all day, and they will continue to do so into the evening.

“We’ve also informed the police on vehicle patrol about these instances, and there are measures in place for them to react quickly to any problems,” the statement continued.“Rugby officers will also be visiting local schools to educate pupils on the seriousness of this offending.

“In addition to all of this, I am now liaising with police dog units, and we are planning for them to be on active patrol in the area.

“These are incredibly serious offences and we have plans to despatch dog units so that, should this happen again, police dogs will be deployed immediately to track and detain offenders.