Shakira’s life has been full of ups and downs, not only as a result of her divorce from Gerard Piqué owing to his adultery, but also as a result of her father’s difficult medical issues, which required his hospitalization in a Barcelona facility.

William Mebarak has been given the all-clear to leave Spain and travel to Miami, Florida to begin his new life.

Another significant reason to be able to leave Spain is that it will allow you to avoid all the issues regarding the singer and the former soccer player. The United States offers the best medical care.

I moved to Barcelona to provide my children the stability we seek in another part of the world with friends, relatives, and the sea, she wrote in a published statement.

Thanks to everyone who surfed the waves with me in Barcelona, the city where I discovered that friendship lasts longer than love, she continued, “Today, we begin a new chapter in the search of their happiness.”

“Thanks to everyone who supported me there, dried my tears, gave me ideas, and helped me feel better,Several sources close to the singer indicate that the decision was not out of the blue, as she wanted a change since a while ago but stayed in Barcelona because of her family and children, however, everyone is also excited to start a new adventure in Miami.

Shakira posted an IG story with a picture of the plane’s window and captioned the picture “But things are not always as we dreamed them. Sometimes we run but we never get there. Don’t doubt that I’ll always be here”