The mystery surrounding Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors has changed after his girlfriend gave a major tip about their location in an Instagram story.

Fans are largely in the dark about where he is right now despite recent reports that he was taking some time away from San Francisco to handle a very important personal situation.

He hasn’t played for the Warriors since mid-February, but after his girlfriend dropped a hint, there is some anticipation that he would return soon.

Following a significant clue from Andrew Wiggins’ fiancée in an Instagram story about their whereabouts, the mystery surrounding the Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins has shifted.

Despite recent reports that he was spending some time away from San Francisco to solve a very significant personal problem, his fans are generally unaware of where he is at the moment.

Since mid-February, he hasn’t played for the Warriors, but after his girlfriend gave a clue, there is some hope that he will do so soon.

Johnson has been fairly active, whilst Wiggins has barely been visible to the public. She just posted a video to dispel cheating accusations. The Warriors have not publicly provided Wiggins with a time frame for his absence in spite of this development

He seems to be getting as much time as he needs to deal with whatever personal situation it was which arose and led him to step back from the action in the NBA. Head coach Steve Kerr was quick to shut down rumours that suggested Wiggins would not be returning to action this season.