The Southeast Library will undergo a multi-year restoration as part of the D.C. Public Library system, which will require customers to use other quadrants for various services.

Why it’s important Customers will need to go to the Northeast Library for temporary services during the reconstruction, which will enlarge the historic library’s underground space, spokeswoman George Williams told Axios. Yet, some residents in the town disapprove of the solution.

True, but The Northeast Library, which is just under a mile distant, is not convenient enough for library visitors, and there isn’t adequate parking nearby, according to Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner David Sobelsohn.

It’s too much to expect from an elderly individual, a person with mobility issues, or a parent of young children, he claims. According to Sobelsohn, the neighborhood wants what Southwest Library users enjoyed while it was closed for renovations: a trailer in the area that served as a temporary library. But, according to Williams, a trailer is not feasible due to financial constraints and the lack of a convenient area for placement.

The Southeast Library won’t be the only choice for customers, according to Williams. There will be a monthly adult book group at East City Books and a weekly story time for kids at the 700 Penn Building.

Williams claims that additional programming is also being looked into at other nearby locations.

What we’re seeing is Sobelsohn received an email from DCPL Executive Director Richard Reyes-Gavilan earlier this month detailing the library’s plans.