Two men have been detained in Greece on terrorism-related charges, according to the police, who claim they were plotting an extreme attack on a Jewish restaurant in the heart of Athens and maybe other targets that would result in a large number of civilian casualties.

The suspects, who were being detained at the police headquarters in the Greek capital, were accused of belonging to a terrorist group.

A third individual was wanted for questioning and accused in absentia; he is not in Greece.

The Associated Press was informed by government and law enforcement officials that both suspects were of Pakistani descent. Prior to public statements, the authorities requested anonymityThe two suspects, who have both been in Greece for at least four months, arrived there illegally from the neighboring country of Turkey.

Police examined numerous locations in Athens, southern Greece, and on the island of Zakynthos as part of their investigation.

According to police and government authorities, the arrests were made because it was thought that the attack at the Jewish restaurant would happen soon.

A public prosecutor will interview the two individuals in jail, who are thought to be a part of a global network, on Friday, according to the authorities.

Their intent was to harm public institutions, endanger public safety, and kill innocent persons in addition to causing the deaths of innocent citizens.