Is a life as a seaman right for you?

A decommissioned World War II fort is being auctioned off for the first time in the middle of the ocean, with prices starting at under $60,000. The scenario has the feel of one from Martin Scorcese’s Shutter Island.

The concrete ship, which is now in the Humber Estuary in northern England, was initially constructed between 1915 and 1919 for naval defense during World War I, but it wasn’t put to use until World War II.

The building or structure is a “Class II” building or structure that “is of great interest and justifies all efforts to preserve it,” according to the United Kingdom, which classifies the property as a historic listing.

On July 19, Savills National Auctions will offer the unusual sea home for auction.According to the listing, the ship previously featured a battery of weaponry and 12 inches of armor on one side, which would have supported a garrison of up to 200 troops.

As early as 1956, armor and weapons were removed from the location.

Besides with the standard small and automatic weapons, it was equipped with two 6-inch and two 6-pounder guns during World War II. It could accommodate a 200-man garrison. National Savills Auctions The fort has three levels, a basement and chamber below sea level, and a central lookout tower with two stories. National Savills Auctions The fort has 12 inches of armor on its coastline and is reinforced with concrete to withstand strong naval bombardment.

Known as Bull Sand Fort, it stands adjacent to a smaller sea fort about four meters away known as Haile Sand.

The sea fortress consists of three floors with a basement and a chamber below sea level. It also features a central two-story observation tower. The listing indicates that the fresh water supply in the fort is available from an artesian well. It also has a balcony and a jetty.