Maddie Lambert and her boyfriend Isaac were a couple of young individuals who began dating when he was 15 and she was 13. he was their first true boyfriend and the two never considered the repercussions of their actions.

Everything seemed to be going well in their relationship until Maddie’s sister’s birthday they’d had been dating for nearly five months when Isaac broke up with her.

He indicated that he felt it was best to discontinue the connection because they attended different high schools and he felt things were changing this revelation broke the 13-year-old’s heart because she adored Isaac and their breakup was heartbreaking for her she couldn’t even leave her house since she was so depressed and unwell.

One day Maddie and her entire family were infected with stomach bugs the young girl’s illness however persisted longer than everyone else’s as a result, her mother drove her to the hospital where her blood was drawn and several tests were performed when the test results arrived the family was on vacation and as her mother called her into the room Maddie sensed something wasn’t quite right.

But she wasn’t sure what it was the girl’s mother was informed by doctors that her adolescent daughter was roughly 10 weeks pregnant and the news was terrifying for both of them Maddie was afraid her mother would be furious so she repeated apologizing to her Maddie’s mother, however, had a different reaction than she had anticipated all they have to do now is embrace the future and her mother was there for her despite her dissatisfaction with the circumstance.

she noted that her mother’s reaction helped her feel more at ease and provided her with the fortitude to go through the problematic moment no one realized Maddie was pregnant for the following few weeks her mother two of her friends and her stepfather were the only ones who knew she was expecting a child but this was due to her extreme’s feltness and it took some time for her tummy to show.

Maddie’s ex-boyfriend had the same reaction as she did when she told him she was pregnant Isaac assumed she was joking and didn’t believe her until Maddie’s mother confirmed it the expecting mother received her first ultrasound after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Maddie claims that this was a pivotal time in her life that altered everything Maddie’s pregnancy on the other hand was tough she couldn’t eat since her morning sickness was so bad the baby was underweight and it got worse when she found out she had a heart problem, nevertheless unbelievable things were said by some people everyone had something to say and nobody held back.

However,, even though Maddie had to pass through difficult times she used the negative feedback she received from internet trolls as motivation to become a better person and mother for her child. when it was time for Maddie to have her baby the doctors decided to induce labour after 39 and a half weeks a procedure that induces childbirth and delivery is known as labour induction natural labour is less painful than induced labour contractions start slowly in spontaneous labour although they can start faster and be stronger in induced labour.

The doctors gave her an epidural to save her from being in too much agony finally Maddie gave birth to a healthy baby girl after a 12-hour labour everly was her name and she weighed ps6 at birth she had no medical problems and did not require admission to the NICU however Isaac wanted a paternity test after the baby girl was born since he was still unsure if ever lee was his daughter her mother was angry with him.

But ever over liesents, on the other hand, have put their issues aside and found a way to cop parent their daughter because they believe it is best for her ever every ording to maddMaddiethe greatest thing that has ever happened to her she has aided her in her development as a person despite having to sell practically. everything she owned to buy clothes for her daughter she and everly are now in a much better financial position she has purchased a home for her four-year-old daughter on, the other hand is, doing well in school.