Luis is a delightful young boy. His little hands, bright eyes, and a. Stray strand of hair on his brow. Gave him a sweet demeanor that provokes. A lot of emotion from those around him. He’s approximately nine years old. Even if his voice has a tiny. Snoring to it, he understands himself really. Well when he speaks. He maintains his nice demeanor at all times.

Everyone in the town adores him because. He has an angelic appearance and they Believe it’s a gift from God. He is a little angel with a big heart. What a lovely and well educated young boy he is. It’s a small boy’s best friend. Those are the phrases that can be. Heard everywhere he goes, whether he’s begging. For alms or a little assistance, as he normally does when he arrives at the residences. As soon as Louise arrived in town towards the end of January, he began.

Begging for assistance from people he met. While walking from house to house. His mother was very ill and could. Not leave home, so he requested money to be able to purchase the items she required. Hearing such tragic words come out to those small lips and a profound impact on the hearts of everyone who heard them. He couldn’t look away from the interior. Of which they had heard it without feeling in love and at the same. Time sadness for the situation. In every home where he went, the.

Little kid was greeted with warmth and care. There were two different types of gifts given to him. One was food and some coins and. The other was a soft drink and some coins. After the third house, the boy came close to not finishing what was on his plate, and by the fourth house. He had already declared that he’d finished his meal. That infant had been adopted by the. Locals in their hearts. According to them, the poor orphan youngster suddenly had the weight of the entire community on his shoulders.

The years passed and the boy was. Always returning to the city. It was not known where he lived. With his mother at the time of his arrest. Everyone speculated that he might reside down. The road a little way, or in. A nearby town or anywhere in between. People would always ask him where his mother is or Where’s their house, and. He would only respond with his little. Finger pointing to the south, where the foliage was thickening.

They also inquired about his mother, to which she consistently responded with the same response. She is very ill. All of those. Who inquired were satisfied with his replies. And they felt good about themselves for. Having been able to assist that child. Of God with the exception of one. Person, the village priest. Every morning Father Chrysanto stood in the. Bell tower of the Chapel, which stood around 20 meters above the ground, and.

Watched him pass by. From the Bell tower you could see. From a long distance down the road. To the next room. It was common for him to sit. For a while after ringing the Bell. Signaling the start of Mass at 07:00 A.m. And contemplate that small figure who. With such consistency always traveled the same route. When the father thought about it, he wondered where that child truly lived. The image he had in his head was of an old and almost crumbling.

House with old and dusty planks serving. As a wall or a Ranch without. Walls and exposed to the elements of nature, or possibly in some remote region. Just covered by a few pieces of. Plastic or a can of food. Those ideas were just for a short. Period of time, but they used to return on a regular basis. They showed up when he was officiating. Mass, when he confessed to a parishioner at lunch and even after he was praying at night. His inquiries with the villagers revealed that.

Everyone agreed on two points, the adorableness. Of the boy and his answer when question about his mother who is in critical condition. Father Chrisanto felt suspicious about the situation. He made the decision to follow the. Youngster one morning quite early in the morning by walking at a specific distance from the boy. He must have traveled about 2 priest. Father Chrisanto, who had spent his years in this town, prayed at each bend.

Of the road and knows every inch. Of that road, was confused as he lost where he was following the little. Louise to the road led by his. House, but after climbing a little Hill along the way he lost sight of him. Father crusade was in a hurry and. Couldn’T see him any longer. He continued walking until he reached the next curve in the route where he. Failed to notice it. However, he was startled when he heard. What sounded like children’s giggling out in.

The distance, not from further down the. Road, but rather from the side of. The road where there were quite a few trees. Those laughing children came from the other direction. Father Chrisanto moved out of the way. Of the oncoming noise and began to. Make his way through the dense undergrowth. Which he did it with difficulty but determination. It was difficult for him to walk because of his long cassock and his leather shoes became tangled in the dry grass.

He narrowly avoided tripping and falling two times in the afternoon with the last rays of sunlight illuminating the path did. Not make the effort any easier. Suddenly the sound of the children’s noises. Was drowned out by the barking of enraged dog which could be heard nearby. The father showed no signs of being afraid and resumed his tough chore anyhow.

And as quickly as he could, the. Father managed to make it to a safe haven, an undeveloped plot of ground. With a little cabin on it that. Was devoid of brush and trees. In the background on the right there’s. A mound of stones that’s about twelve or 16 inches high and of medium height. The dog barking was increasingly loud, and the children became more and more afraid. The father rushed to them and took. Them to the nearby hut, assuring them.

That they’re in good and safe hands. Louise was accompanied with a little girl. She was a young girl of around. Seven years old, with curly hair and a round, pale face that was framed by curls. What represented greater health than what that location could provide. The striking likeness between the two children.Made it evident they were siblings, Louise. And his sister, saved by the father. From being attacked by the wild dog. The father stayed with him that night.

And after sun had set, since he. Did not think it would be possible. To return in the dark after spending. The whole day coming in there, and. In order to do further investigation, the father began to ask Little Luis about his story exactly. Without any lies, little Luis began telling. Him that his mother had died when. His little sister Sylvia, was a child. That was about a year ago. It was the same time when he. Appeared at the neighbor for the first time. He was asking for food or money.

Just to take care of his little sister. They did everything they could to pick. Up stones and position them one by. One till they built a low mound. From which the mother’s body rested. They were desperate. The father felt so bad for them. And when he returned to the town. The next day, the word went around. The town like wildfire. As a result of what Father Chrisanto. Revealed to them, they all became witnessed to the scene, and they all agreed.

That the unfortunate woman should be buried. In the town Cemetery. According to Louise, his father had abandoned. Them at that location and had gone. To seek assistance when his mother became. Ill in the cart in which she was traveling. But he never returned from his search for assistance. After his mother passed away, he was. Left to care for his younger sister. That narrative had a profound impact on. The people of that town, and the.

Couple who were now of mature age and without children and who owned the. Sole Bakerian town, made the decision to. Adopt that daring couple of orphan youngsters because of the death of their mother. Lisa and his sister found in their. Adoptive parents the warmth, kindness, and love. That they so desperately needed and that they had been deprived of before to their adoption. When they were children, they were raised. In the embrace of that family and.

Used to make weekly pilgrimage to that. Grave which contained the remains of the. Person who had given them life one day but had passed away too soon. There was never a time when they didn’t remember well. She was with them at every moment in their life. Friends, We’ve reached the end of this. Story tell us what you think of it.