A complete list of all prohibited number plates has been made public following the introduction of the new 2023 license plate, which highlights a brand-new vehicle registered this year. There is also a license plate honoring the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Vehicles that are initially put on the road this year will have license plates with the number “23,” which is the last two digits of the year in which they were registered. There will be a deployment of “73” plates in the second part of the year.The list of prohibited plates also includes license plates like JH23HAD that are thought to have gang links or terrorist inclinations. The use of plates like YE23WAR and CO23ONA has been outlawed.

A Carwow spokesperson told This is Money: “Few drivers are likely to want to be told to GO23 HEL or EA23 POO by the car in front, for example, while nobody wants to share the road with a BA23 TRD, a PS23 CHO, a TO23 ERR or an AA23 OLE.