Russia’s war in Ukraine may not be a complete failure after one year.

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine with the expectation of winning handily. Russia believed Ukraine would be completely under its hands in a couple of weeks and that Kyiv would fall within days.

But, it seems that the conflict is not going as Putin had hoped. Even still, Russia’s military initiatives haven’t exactly failed.

He claimed that the military prowess of Russia had been “overestimated” and that its incapacity to adapt had limited its potential to prevail in combat.

The author noted that Ukraine’s military forces “had admirably adapted in each phase of this conflict, absorbing lessons from the training they received over the last decade, and from the scars earned on the battlefield itself.” “And Russia has consistently shown a lack of ability to do the same.”

According to the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, Russia has lost more than 3,300 tanks, 6,600 armored personnel vehicles, 2,363 artillery vehicles, about 300 military jets, 287 helicopters, 873 cruise missiles, 18 warships and boats, and about 146,820 personnel since the war began one year ago.

Putin’s so-called “special military operation” has cost a lot of money to support, with the total cost of his military expenditures being estimated to be in the trillions.

The Wilson Center think tank in Washington, D.C.’s Boris Grozovski, a Russian economics expert, projected that Russia’s military expenditures continue to climb quickly and have already topped $9 trillion.

According to Grozovski, the total amount the Russian government planned to spend in 2022 was approximately 23.7 trillion rubles ($346 billion). Out of it, roughly 3.5 trillion rubles ($46.1 billion) were used for military purposes, while 2.8 trillion rubles ($36.9 billion) were used for law enforcement and security (FSB).