Paris’s Eiffel Tower is a sight to behold on its own. It’s unusual that there is currently a second one adjacent to it, and it’s also a passing phenomenon.

Many tourists are taking advantage of the current climate to travel to Paris and get a closer look at the scaled-down model that the city of Paris has erected alongside one of the most important markers of contemporary culture on the Champs de Mars. Its name is “Eiffela,” and it is a structure that is at least 33 meters high and 32 tons heavy.

The Parisian Consistory wrote last Saturday, the day the second tower was erected adjacent to the previous one, which is 330 feet tall, “Don’t worry, you are looking good. Several others saw the tweet as a joke given that April 1 was April Fool’s Day in numerous nations, including France. La Tour Eiffel’s official Twitter account did fool fans of social media with another post that showed a slide around the well-known attraction, despite the fact that they were aware it was real. This is not where you should be! From July 1st, the world’s tallest slide will be erected on my top, according to the post.

The replica of the Eiffel Tower is on display because the original was unveiled 134 years ago. According to the French publication Le Parisien, it will remain there until April 10 when it will be taken down.